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UnderArmour Has Made A Bra For Your Foot Innovative Running Shoe

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speed form under armour

Goodbye, Vibrams. The newest, coolest running shoe these days is the Speedform, the totally innovative Under Armour product Gizmodo is calling “a bra for your feet.”

Apparently no one has ever seen (or made) a running shoe quite like this one. The Speedform is totally seamless, fits like a sock and is manufactured in a bra factory in China. Dave Dombrow, Under Armour‘s senior creative director of footwear, told Peter Ha of Gizmodo:

“Under Armour is all about soft goods and we wanted to take our apparel DNA and put that into our footwear.We looked toward bra manufacturing for the ultimate fit experience. To our knowledge, it’s the first athletic shoe that hasn't been built at a footwear factory.”

Peter Ha seemed really impressed by the shoes, which will be released in June and retail for $120. He writes:

The shoe doesn't look any different at a glance, but once you peer inside at the heel cup and notice the absence of an insole or any stitching, you get the sense that this might actually be different. When you put the SpeedForm on, it doesn’t even feel like an athletic shoe—or any shoe, really. It feels like the most comfortable pair of socks you’ve ever worn. Except that there aren’t any seams to irritate your skin.

Speedforms weight under 6 ounces and the special TPU material they're made from helps feet grip shoes. Like the name suggests, the shoes are designed specially for racing/running; Triathlete Chris McCormack just won the Challenge Rimini while wearing them.

It remains to be seen whether these shoes will revolutionize the industry, like Dave Dombrow thinks they will. The company has certainly put a lot of time and money into this shoe; Under Armour developed these shoes for a full three years, twice the time it takes to develop a new shoe.

I have to say these crazy shoes sound pretty awesome. I'm only an occasional runner, but I'd certainly give them a try. How about you?

Photo: Gizmodo