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Unacceptable Levels: Watch The Trailer For This New Doc About Our Constant Chemical Exposure

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It might make you scared of everything you own (and put onto and into your body), but you’ve still got to watch the trailer for the new documentary, Unacceptable Levels.

Unacceptable Levels is all about the chemicals used in our environment: in our body care products, food, fabrics, plastics, basically everything in our daily lives. There’s been increased awareness about this in recent years, with an emphasis on everything from green cleaning products to chemical-free clothes to BPA and phthalates. People know that they’re exposed to these kinds of chemicals every day (and they have varying levels of fear/consternation about it) but this documentary serves to try and educate the public further about the masses upon masses of chemicals that are in our current commerce environment.

We write a lot about “natural” (aka non-toxic) beauty products here, as well as chemicals in our food, so this is a very Blisstree topic. I’m interested to learn more and see the documentary.  I try to be as “natural” as I can with everything I buy, but who knows, maybe seeing this movie will make me want to go off the grid and grow or make everything I use. 80,000 chemicals in our world is pretty astounding.

For more information, check out Unacceptable Level’s website. The documentary will be screening around the country in the summer of 2013.

Photo: Unacceptable Levels