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Un-Eco-Friendly Transportation: Colorado Town Bans Bicycles

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Most of the U.S. seems to be moving in the right direction (slowly but surely) as far as eco-friendly transportation goes. Cities are creating Bike-to-Work events and using hybrid buses and taxis. But Black Hawk, Colorado, just took a big step in the opposite direction by banning bike riding. WTF?

The town relies heavily on casinos for revenue, and vans containing gamblers drive through the town’s narrow, shoulder-less streets. A Colorado law requires cars to leave three feet of room while passing cyclists, which would mean they’d have to swerve into oncoming traffic. While it doesn’t seem safe for bicyclists to ride on a road with no shoulders alongside buses and trucks, no related accidents have been reported.

But lawmakers appear to be acting out of interest to the casinos rather than Black Hawk citizens. It seems to us that the logical solution would be to build shoulders or bike lanes on the roads — in a town with a population of 120, there can’t be that many roads to upgrade. What do you think?

via E Magazine