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Ummm…House of Beer

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Ummm...House of BeerThis guy is my new hero. His name is Jeff Lebo and his claim to fame is that of owner of the House of Beer Cans. Built between 1998 and 2001 with the assistance of family and friends, the House of Beer Cans boasts a collection in excess of 50,000 different beer cans, the second largest of its kind on this planet.

The diverse collection is divided up into geographical regions and the separate rooms in the house showcase the specific regions. The ground floor pretty much covers the US and Canada. Upon reaching the second floor, you'll find yourself in the Great Britain Hall, and from there you can partake of the German Room, the Scandinavia Room, and the Pacific Rim Room among others.

I am in awe. Check out a photo tour for yourself at the Can Smart Beer Can Superstore here.

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