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Tyra Banks Is Fighting “Fat Talk” With Body Positivity

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Tyra BanksTyra Banks may be a confirmed weirdo, but she's body positive as all get out. Banks has been open about thin-shaming she was subject to in her youth, told fat-shamers to kiss her fat ass on television and is now the spokesperson for Special K's initiative to fight “fat talk.”

For those unfamiliar, fat talk, is what's happening when you are talking to your friends or your daughter about how your ass is too big or your thighs are flabby or your nail beds too sucky. Talking negatively about yourself doesn't do anything for anyone except perpetuate negative body image.

Banks' brand of body positivity is particularly palatable because she's not preaching that we should all love every inch of ourselves all the time no matter what, she's saying that it's okay to have flaws and to recognize them, just don't let them define who you are. It's a message that I can get behind 100%.

Here are 6 body image lessons from just one interview with Tyra Banks:

1) Body snarking yourself is as bad as body snarking someone else:

We women speak about our bodies in such a negative way – crazy negative I call it. Women look at themselves and ‘My thighs are so fat, they’re so disgusting, I want to vomit’, and these women wouldn’t even say that to their own enemy.

2) Don't feel bad about yourself for feeling bad about yourself, it's not productive:

If you don’t like your weight, there’s nothing wrong with that and we have to stop making women feel guilty about that. Instead we need to say, okay, you don’t like your thighs – so what would you like to do about that?

3) Just because you're famous for being pretty, doesn't mean you feel pretty all the time. The key is to work it:

When I wake up, with no make-up, I don’t feel like I’m the most beautiful thing in the world. But, I can put on hair and makeup – that is my gift – and use the smoke and mirrors to create this dream version of myself. When I look at my butt, I have cellulite – I wish I had a magic cream that would get rid of it. But I don’t, so instead I don’t wear a… tight white skirt that will show up all those dimples.

4) You need to have a sense of humor:

One of the most important things is feeling good about yourself and I learnt that from my mom. When she started to gain weight – my cousins and family come over – she’d bend over and pretend to use her waist to start playing the accordion. We would laugh and laugh. Her message was, don’t beat yourself up about how you look.

5) Excellent advice on how to deal with someone whose looks you envy:

When you notice Miss Pretty – whether that’s in your office or at school – compliment her, even if you’re feeling like crap. Say something positive about a woman who’s looking great instead of whispering behind her back and you’ll feel better for much longer than if you’d been mean about her.

6) To all the evo-psych losers who think women are competitive with each other because of biology:

There is a lot of in fighting with women, a lot of jealousy and a lot of putting other women down. Perhaps it’s from the biological standpoint of when women wanted to nail a partner and a mate and so to make themselves better they would do peacocking. But we aren’t birds, we’re human beings.

Oh Tyra. I am always rooting for you.

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