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The 10 Types Of People You’re Going To See At The Gym

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The gym culture is one-of-a-kind. If you’ve ever had a gym membership, before you tried to QUIT THE GYM Chandler and Ross style, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. There are some characters that lurk amidst all the normal folks trying to break a sweat on the treadmill after work.

Here are 10 typical types of people you’re going to see at your next workout:

1. The Water Sipper

This distracted gym-goer spends the majority of his or her session marching back and forth to the water fountain or sipping delicately from a smartwater bottle. Hydration is key. We get it.

2. The Full-Face Makeup Exerciser

Maybe she just came from work, or maybe she’s hoping to score a date. Either way, beautiful makeup and sweaty exercise are likely to be a lethal combo.

3. The Competitive Runner

Dude. Quit staring at me on the treadmill and upping your speed. This is not a race. You’re kind of starting to freak me out.

4. The Professional

This person is in exceptional physical shape because they spend so much time at the gym—twice a day, minimum. They greet the staff by name and have their own special workout bench. Don’t you dare put your gym bag in their locker.

5. The Yoga Mom

She may be here for Pilates, but she spends the majority of her time chatting with friends or texting on her phone. Hey, no shame in that game—the gym is a great place to socialize.

6. The Grunter

Most likely found in the weight area of the gym, this buff dude or dudette wants everyone to know how strenuous their workout is—with every GRUNT or SCREAM.

7. The Bumbling Idiot

There’s no shame in being embarrassed or intimidated to use the gym for the first time, but this clueless chap makes it into a comedy routine. You may want to reconsider that free session with a personal trainer if you need help using a hand weight.

8. The Spectator

This guy or gal isn’t necessarily at the gym to work out; he’s there to watch other professional exercisers and observe their form. Maybe he’s taking notes, or maybe he’s really bored. The world will never know.

9. The Jack LaLanne

You’re going to find one of these old, ripped guys at every gym. They are cut, and they scare the shit out of you. Jack LaLanne would be proud.

10. The Overachiever

This wannabe bodybuilder is all about biting off more than he can chew. Expect to see his epic weight plate drop on a YouTube CrossFit Fail video in the very near future.

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