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Turns Out, In 2010, White Women Are A Bunch Of Drunks

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Hungover? Check out this post by Emerald Catron on Lemondrop:

Good news if you’re reading this in the dark through sunglasses, cradling your head and dry-swallowing aspirin: You are not alone. According to a new study, more people are drinking now than they used to.

Don Draper might think he’s hardcore, but do you know who really knows how to knock ’em back? Modern-day white ladies – the only demographic to show an increase in alcohol intake over the past 20 years, a fact we proved at the bar last night.

The rest of the data from the study shows that although people are generally drinking the same amount, more people are hitting the sauce, with Caucasian women drinking the most of all. Bring it, Roger Sterling! It’s going to take more than a couple of martinis, a few dozen oysters, and some stairs to make January Jones yak all over the office.

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