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Trying To Be A Big Boy

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My little man is going through the stage of trying to be just like everyone else. So I guess it shouldn’t come to a surprise that he now wants to have a PB&J sandwich anytime his siblings are making their lunches.

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 When they make them they make two more halves, one for him then and one for his lunch. Don’t ask me he loves these instant meals.

Yesterday, the three had left barely any peanut butter left in the jar and on the table. Little A has been known to grab the jar, open it (not to worry it is plastic) and reach inside to get a taste. So when he did this time I didn’t stop him, instead I swooped him up and placed him in his high chair. I dropped a plate in front of him, a spoon and a piece of bread. He proceeded to put the butter all over the bread, now I had meant to put jelly on it but by the time I was going to he had given up on spreading it. He had the bread in pieces on his tray and was dropping them into the jar, stirring it and taking them out one by one and eating them. This was his way of making a sandwich. Got any stories to share with me?

TIP: Sometimes moms must decide to pick and choose our battles, at least he was eating.