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Welcome to the October Carnival of Breastfeeding! Today's topic is “I wish I had known….” It's perfect timing for my sister, who just made me an aunt over the weekend with the birth of her beautiful baby boy!

Post-It Image by Agata Urbaniak

Post-It Image by Agata Urbaniak

Today I share a guest submission from a woman who does not have a blog but who felt strongly about sharing her breastfeeding wisdom in hindsight. At the end of her comment you can find the links to all the other carnival participants. First, Crystal offers the following insight:

What I wish I had known…to trust myself and my body to do what nature intended…which I am currently doing with breastfeeding my 7 week old twin boys!!!

I am currently a 27 year old mother of 3 beautiful boys. My first born son was breastfed for 18 months and weaned himself at that time. He breastfed with no problems and is as healthy as can be at the age of 4.5. Now I just recently had twin boys at 38 weeks gestation born on August 26th 2009 who are also breastfeeding on-demand. I had mixed feelings about my body making enough milk and having enough support for me to continue breastfeeding….etc. Many people said I wouldn't be able to do it and even my boys' pediatrician said I needed to supplement with formula because they were not gaining enough weight.

My twin boys are very healthy and are gaining weight through breastfeeding only. I am not and will not supplement with formula. My midwives said I am making enough milk for both my boys and that they are breastfeeding beautifully. Also they said that my body knows what it needs to do as long as I am eating and drinking enough. I am an experienced mother and I am experienced at breastfeeding. I must trust myself and my body to do what nature intended it to do:

To breastfeed my babies!!!!

I am happy to say that despite having my up and down days with breastfeeding two babies as it is difficult; I am never going to regret or give up on my decision to breastfeed my boys as they are worth it and much more.

Thank you to all the wonderful breastfeeding mothers who gave me advice, support, and encouragement in breastfeeding my singleton and then again in breastfeeding multiples. I believe in myself and in my body to continue breastfeeding my twin boys!!!

Congratulations Crystal and thanks for your submission!

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