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Trinket Box

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Here is a great little trinket box you can make and give to your Valentine. You can fill it with cookies, candies or even small pieces of jewelry. Use whatever size heart box you desire. You can find some reasonably prices wooden boxes at craft or thrift stores.

Kathy Zengolewicz

Here is what you will need to get started:

  • One heart shaped box – you can use wood chip, cardboard or paper mache
  • Tacky or hot glue (I found that the hot glue worked better)
  • Fabric scraps
  • A small piece of quilt batting
  • Pre-gathered lace edging
  • Ribbon
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • felt for lining

Trace around your box, on a piece of paper, and cut out the heart shape. Fold this in half, and trace a line ½ inch from the outside edge. Cut out the smaller heart and place it on the box lid to check it for fit. It should fit inside the larger heart of the box lid shape, with half inch of the lid showing around it. Pencil around this shape directly on the box lid.

Using the paper heart as a pattern, cut one heart from the quilt batting and one from your fabric. Glue the batting to the heart box lid.

Position the fabric on the heart, on top of the batting and put a dab of hot glue just inside the bottom point to hold the fabric in place. Repeat this process twice more, dabbing a spot of glue just with each of the two arches that form the top of the heart. Now run a bead of glue down one side and up the other and secure the fabric in place.

Beginning and ending at the bottom point of the padded heart, glue down the edge of the pre-gathered lace, close to the edge. Top it off with a small flower or ribbon roses.

Measure and cut your fabric to fit around the bottom half of your heart box. Glue the fabric to the box, using your fingers to smooth the fabric. You can decorate the bottom of the box with ribbon, that's optional.

You can also take a piece of felt and trace around the bottom of the box, then cut out this heart and fit it snugly inside of the box. Make sure to glue it in place. That's it, you're ready to put your treasures inside. Enjoy!