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Travel Without Fuel

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Yes, a vehicle that can be used to travel without having to use fuel has already been created. The vehicle is known as the Eclectric and Venturi of France has been the brains and the brawn behind such a vehicle.

The Venturi Eclectric has been shown off to the public late last year and the company has promised that the vehicle can surely be used for driving in cities and in other urban areas around the country.

The vehicle has been given the title “The First Energy Autonomous Vehicle” which is primarily because the Venturi Eclectric can be used without having to fuel up. You see, the vehicle’s energy sources are the sun and the wind.

Some say that the vehicle is already a production unit however not much has been known about it after it was launched. But rumors have it that some 200 units of the Venturi Eclectric would be coming to the auto market come June this year.

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