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TransCOREmation: Fashionable Abs, Brought To You By Former Model Joshua Lipsey

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TransCOREmation  Fashionable Abs  Brought To You By Former Model Joshua Lipsey main about 490x213 jpgWhen a former male model invites you to a one-on-one, horizontal session that will make you cry out for your maker and moan louder than a cat in heat, you don’t refuse. You just say yes. But as much as I wish this was about the beast with two backs, I’m actually referring to a new abdominal workout program. Also a former pro basketball player, Joshua Lipsey has launched a four-DVD set called transCOREmation that focuses on improving overall strength, stability and flexibility, and invited me to join him at his C2 Core Concepts studio in Toronto for a chance to try out the new moves with the man himself.

Having worked with celebs like Wil.I.Am of BlackEyedPeas, and brands like Armani, Dirk Bikkembergs and Kenneth Cole, Lipsey can boast a body most men and women crave. Applying his fashion industry experience to his new profession as a fitness consultant and “core specialist,” Lipsey says that transCOREmation looks at abs as a fashion accessory:

I understand the female aesthetic. And a lot of times, women care more about how they look in clothing than the internal component of fitness. They get kind of bored with it. So I felt fitness should be about how people want to look … It comes with a nutritional plan. The internal component is huge with it as well. It helps your posture, strengthens your joints, stability muscles, great for weight loss, but there’s the is also the importance of the aesthetic, the external component. It combines it, but we try to preach the external because we feel like it’s a change and people want to look good in their clothing.

If you’re rolling your eyes at his abs-as-fashion notion, you’re not alone. We here at Blisstree consider our bodies more than a fashion accessory, but I won’t split hairs: This is a killer workout.

Lipsey immediately put me to work. As a gal who works out regularly, and can plank-walk the snot outta any competitors, I was looking forward to mopping the floor with this workout. Surely, if it’s targeted for fashionistas and Stepford Wives, then this should be a piece of cake for a hardcore fitness snob like me. My nickname is “Chesticles” after all (but that’s another story). At first, he does indeed start me off with pretty basic crunches and leg lifts. But soon he had me doing compound crunches and lifts that, as much as I hate to admit it, I felt deep in my core muscles. Dammit, this was actually working!

Cross-crunches with leg lifts turns into oblique V-ups, which give way to back strengthening exercises. Probably the most difficult compound movements came when he targeted my butt muscles (and not in the way I was hoping). He puts me down on all fours (oh yeah, baby), and has me do a series of leg extensions out to the side which not only work my obliques, but also my glutes and thighs.

Ten minutes into the workout, and I’ve gone from admiring Lipsey’s good looks to vocally calling him a sonuvabitch.

The trick to his movements seem to be in the transitions, or rather, the almost non-existent breaks between each move. I get perhaps a three to five second rest between each new movement, then I’m back to the grind again. Truth be told, I kind of prefer this method, as it gets the workout over quickly, and pushes my muscles to failure, completely breaking down the tissue so it can be rebuilt again.

We end off the session with my favorite — plank. After a series of mid-section lifts while in plank, and arm placements, we transition from high to low plank.

When we’re done, I collapse to the mat.

All that sweaty, muscle-pummeling, breath-stealing work, and not even an orgasm to show for it. The nerve.

Speaking of which, Lipsey then discusses why the core is important to our sexuality:

You go to the beach, and you see someone who is really muscly, but doesn’t have a nice stomach, you kind of give them a look. I feel like [the core is] the center of your body … If you’ve got a nice stomach, it accentuates the rest of your body. You don’t want to have a belly and try to wear tight clothing, you can’t do it. It goes back and forth between looking good and taking care of your midsection.

So now that I have been “transCOREmed,” I’ve got to ask him what he, specifically, finds sexy about the core.

“The angles,” he smiles. “The smaller muscles. If you look at abs and the way they’re cut, and if you look at a woman who has curves, it’s sexy. Curves have been the norm for women in fashion and music. Girls like Beyoncé…”

“…And J. Lo?” I offer.

“Yeah J.Lo! Curvaceous is very sexy, it’s attractive to men. And with these workouts, it changes the shape of your body. You’re getting curves from these workouts. The sexiest thing is your shape.”

If he hadn’t been right in front of me, this would have been the part of the DVD where I put him on mute. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the core is sexy, just shut up and get me sweating again.

You can find out more about Joshua Lipsey and order the transCOREmation workout DVDs from the Core Concepts website here http://www.c2coreconcepts.com/

(Photo: Core Concepts)