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Tracy Anderson Comments On Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy Weight; Says Duchess Needs Her Workout DVDs

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tracy anderson pregnancy projectTracy Anderson isn't known for her body-positive approach to fitness or dieting. Now, you can add pregnancy to the list. She already got into deep waters when she first started talking up her new pregnancy-focused fitness program, and let it slip that she thinks “women use pregnancy as an excuse to let their bodies go.” Although she's still smarting over the “misinterpretation” of those remarks, it didn't stop her from commenting on Kate Middleton‘s pregnancy weight–and she's not even showing yet.

The latest New Yorker contains a short profile of the celebrity trainer, highlighting her recent launch of “The Pregnancy Project,” a set of DVDs she recorded while she was pregnant a few months ago. The piece ends with Anderson's remarks about the Duchess' body…and she's not discussing hyperemesis gravidarum like the rest of us:

“I think that she looks like a very genetically blessed girl,” Anderson said. “She seems like she's got a very well-proportioned body already. But I don't really know, because I've never seen her naked.” Nevertheless, she said, “I would prescribe my Pregnancy Project DVDs for her. You need to work out to be strong, to be connected to your muscles, to have good circulation. It's irresponsible not to.”

The fact that she's scrutinizing Middleton's body when she's a) dealing with a serious medical condition and b) probably not even past her first trimester is deplorable enough. (I don't even know where to start with the idea that she needs to see a woman naked to know if her body is really “good” or not.) But the really interesting part of the New Yorker piece is their account of a lunch she held for the launch of the Pregnancy Project, a set of exercise DVDs that she filmed while she was pregnant, where one of her most famous clients–Gwyneth Paltrow–talked about Anderson's approach:

Paltrow made a toast, recounting how she met Anderson: “I was having a lot of trouble losing baby weight from my second child, and I just could not change anything.” In their first meeting, she went on, Anderson “pulled my pants down. And she was, like, ‘Oh, my God! I did not expect this!–she was poking my butt–'Your butt is so long and square!'” At first, Paltrow was upset, but after a few months of the Method her body changed. (According to Anderson, she gave Paltrow “a butt that was more lifted-up, cellulite-free, toned.”)

Is it just me, or does Tracy Anderson sound like a living, breathing embodiment of body dysmorphia and low self-esteem?

“I'm responsible for a lot of hot moms,” she pitched her skills at the launch event. “Healthy hot moms,” she clarified. Oh good. She also wants you to know that she's pro-woman–no matter how many comments she makes that leave the impression that she's way more pro-being skinny at all costs:

She is indignant about a flap that arose when she was quoted discussing women who “let their bodies go” during pregnancy. “My program actually supports women,” she said at the [launch of the Pregnancy Project, a set of exercise DVDs that she filmed while she was pregnant]. “Who wants to gain a lot of weight? But you don't have a choice with pregnancy.”

Back when her pregnancy was announced, I hoped that it might transform The (bordering on unhealthy) Tracy Anderson Method–after all, pregnancy does help many women put health and weight issues into perspective. But Tracy Anderson's post pregnancy body attitude isn't much different from her pre-pregnancy body attitude: She's still more into scrutinizing women's bodies than advising women on safe, healthy weight loss advice.

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