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Top 25 ways to save money.

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Dollar sign Recently, Dawn at Frugal for Life posted a top 25 ways to save money and invited others to do the same.  Well, I decided to take the challenge and tell my secrets.  Here are my 25 favorite ways to save money.

  1. Pay half your mortgage every 2 wks.
  2. Pay more than the minimum payment on any recurring bill.
  3. Cook with your crockpot.  The meals are all-in-one and usually use cheaper ingredients.
  4. Plan your menus according to what is on sale.
  5. Turn off the lights when you leave the room.
  6. Make a list and run all your errands in one day.
  7. Make a game plan when running erands so that you aren't doubling back all over town.
  8. Make an effort to stay at home and not get in your car 1 day a week. (This is very hard for me)
  9. Stay off your cellphone during peak hours.
  10. If you do have a cell phone, try to get your family on the same netwrok.  That way you can talk for free anytime.
  11. Treat yourself once a week to your favorite splurge.  This will keep you from a lot of mini splurges throughout the week.
  12. Change your light bulbs to the longer lasting CFL's.  I totally agree Dawn.
  13. During the milder days, open your windows to minimize your air and heat bills.
  14. don't turn off your air/heat to save during the day.  It costs more to bring your house back to a manageable temperature.
  15. Take food and drinks to work.
  16. Buy your clothes on sale or at consignment.  Name brands and current styles are cheaper this way.
  17. Shop at the Goodwill and yard sales.
  18. Use discount tickets for the movie theaters.
  19. Barter services like baby sitting with friends.
  21. Share toys and children's clothes with friends.  What a blessing to help someone else out and in turn save money yourself.
  22. Pay off all your credit cards.
  23. Pay bills online if your bank gives this service for free.  I don't even own a stamp anymore.
  24. Use Netflix or Payperview.  There are no late fees or clutter.
  25. Tide-To-Go  pens save a lot of money on replacing clothes that get stains on them that you can't get out.

Hope you can use some of these tips to save some money.  I love them and they work at my house.