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Top 10 Uses for Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream: Fun Facts

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Did you know that the name “Lansinoh” comes from “Lan” (lanolin) “sin” (without) “oh” (alcohol)? Aside from treating the breastfeeding mother's nipples, Lansinoh lanolin can:

1. Be used as lip balm.

2. Treat diaper rash.

3. Help heal minor cuts, burns and skin abrasions.

4. Soothe itchy stretch marks.

5. Replenish the lanolin in wool diaper covers and wool nursing pads.

6. Heal cracked, dry winter cuticles or wind- and cold-chapped cheeks.

7. Treat eczema.

8. Un-stick a stuck zipper.

9. Remove a too-tight ring from fingers swollen from pregnancy.

10. Moisturize dry and itchy skin on elbows, knees and heels.

For more information, see the Lansinoh website (for the United Kingdom click here, for Germany click here), this information from WebMd.com, or consult your doctor or pharmacist.