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10 Celebrities Who Have Been Shamed For Being “Too Thin”

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Keira Knightley arrives at the 'Can A Song Save Your Life?' premiereI'm not a statistics wizard or anything, but the percentage of tabloid coverage of female celebrities that is simply intense scrutiny of their bodies is way too high. Though it's getting colder in the Northern Hemisphere now, market checkout lines will still be plagued with foul rags covered with blown up photos of cellulite and “beach body” rankings next to “Who Wore It Better?” features pitting women's bodies against each other and story after story about baby weight. Wherever a woman in the public eye's body is on the spectrum of size, every inch of her will be inspected and insulted.

Body shaming of any kind is unacceptable, obviously, but the rampant thin shaming of famous women is a particularly sinister strain of snark. The gossip mongers make articles out of flailing accusations of eating disorders, drug use, depression and the like, claiming that the stars are so skinny that it's allegedly “scary.” On the other side of the page there will be an ad for diet pills or an article about how another celeb lost X number of pounds  in Y number of days on some snake oil diet or just by chasing their tots around the house while breastfeeding.

These women are paid to be skinny, very skinny. They are encouraged to look the way they look through both incentives and threats and then they are punished for complying (or naturally looking like that). The line between enviably svelte and skeletal seems to lay in photoshopping, angles, lighting and “flattering” garments.

The following 10 women have all been shamed for being “too thin” at one point or another:

  1. Tara Reid– Those schmucks at The Daily Mail just called Tara Reid, who I will always have a soft sport for because of her role in Josie and the Pussy Cats, “worryingly slender” in her Halloween costume. She looks slender, yes, but I wouldn't be worried about her. I'm not her doctor and neither is the person who wrote the story.
  2. Lea Michele– We just went over this incident the other day. Lea Michele looks fine. Leave her alone.
  3. Calista Flockhart– Even though I was just a kid during the whole Ally McBeal actress ordeal, Calista Flockhart weight-gate (clever name, right?) was little elementary school Joanna's first introduction to “too thin” as a concept.
  4. Renee Zellweger– Renee Zellweger takes her job seriously. Zellweger is the kind of actress so dedicated to her craft that she gained and lost weight rapidly for roles. When the Bridget Jones star gained weight, people were appalled and when she returned to what seems to be the weight she is comfortable with, she was critisized for taking her weight loss “too far,” now she's often called a yo-yo dieter. WTF?
  5. Miley Cyrus– There are a lot of things to talk about when discussing Miley Cyrus, the size of her ass is not one of them. This article written in summer 2013 claimed she was “wasting away” and somehow she hasn't.
  6. Nicole Richie– I'm a huge fan of Nicole Richie no matter what weight she is. She's lively, honest and hilarious. The Daily Mail was worried about a full grown woman and the potential for her body to turn “unfashionable.” Blech.
  7. LeAnn Rimes– The country blonde is cool and self possessed enough that she tweeted back at accusations of her being “scary skinny” and “bony.” She tweeted “Dear lord! I do not work out too much nor do I starve myself. I’m so over this.” We're over it too.
  8. Keira Knightley– She's lovely, freaking lovely, but half the time she is being rewarded for being very slight and the other half she is being poked at for being too thin and accused of having an eating disorder. Good thing she's willing to fight back against jerkwads who try to body shame her.
  9. Rachel Zoe- Really big jerks speculated that the stylist who publicly struggled to get pregnant was having a difficult time because of her weight. There is rock bottom when it comes to celebrity gossip. Zoe is now a proud mom of an absolutely precious little guy.
  10. Angelina Jolie– Angie is a freaky deaky, a lot of people have forgotten, but I haven't. Still, what's not freaky is her weight fluctuations. She's a Tomb Raider and a sex bomb regardless of weight. These jerks thought that guessing her weight would be okay to do, as if they're a circus side show attraction who can eyeball a woman's weight. They also call her “shriveled” so compassionately. They seem really worried about her. Sike. They're dicks.

None of these women deserve to have their bodies bashed. Should any of them actually happen to have been suffering or in danger while the media was ridiculing their bodies, all the worse.


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