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Toning Clothes: Do They Help You Work Out More and Lose Weight?

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ShaToBu High-Waist Shaping Tight

Hollywood celebs from Sofia Vergara to Brooke Burke and Kim K. (we're not actually sure why the latter two are famous) have been touting the benefits of butt-toning sneakers, but lately there’s a new trend in town, the toning outfit. From Reebok’s toning tops to ShaToBu toning underwear (“The Workout You Wear”), the fitness-meets-fashion movement is getting a little out of hand. ShaToBu, for their part, claims that their undergarments are scientifically proven to help you burn 12% more calories while you wear them during daily activities, while Reebok uses built-in resistance bands in its toning tops, and Fila claims that the double-layered panels in its toning bottoms compress muscles for a 50% increase in muscle workout.

But with all the brands that are getting in on the toning action (Reebok, Fila and ShaToBu are the leaders), there’s much more focus on how they look, rather than if they actually work. In fact, more than a few testers compared them to Spanx, a tribute to their super-snug fit and apparent ability to smooth out any natural lumps and bumps. But professionals are a bit skeptical when it comes to the clothing’s ability to actually help you burn calories, although they do admit it may encourage more people to hit the gym.

What do you think? Would wearing toning clothes (i.e. a workout version of Spanx) help you stick to your fitness routine?