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Do Your Prepackaged Toddler Foods Have Too Much Sodium?

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Good nutrition is always important, but it’s especially significant for growing kids. When it comes to taking care of little ones, prepackaged toddler foods can be tempting with their instant, no-fuss nature. But what if those foods came with a hefty sodium level that could potentially affect your child’s health?

Many prepackaged meals have a sodium content that’s entirely too high for toddlers, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention fellow Joyce Maalouf. She looked at over 1,000 products to see how much sodium content there was in each in an effort to see how healthy these foods were for kids and found that some foods contained three times the recommended amount.

“It was surprising to see that more than 70 percent of the foods had more than 210 milligrams of sodium,” said Maalouf. In fact, some of the toddler foods she surveyed contained nearly half of the 1,500 milligram daily recommendation for salt consumption from the American Heart American, some with as much as 630 milligrams of sodium per serving. According to Maalouf, some of these products are ones that seem to be on the healthy side, such as chicken meals or pasta.

The more excessive sodium a child has in his or her, the more that kid can get used to consuming too much. Eating too much salt can lead to higher blood pressure and illness, so establishing good habits and a lower tolerance for sodium content at a young age can help them in the future. Because of this, Maalouf recommends serving more fruits and vegetables rather than prepackaged toddler foods.

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