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16 Reasons You’re Tired All the Time No Matter How Much You Sleep

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tired all the time


There’s no arguing that sleep is important. It’s also pretty effing great, too. Don’t you wish you could sit down with your five-year-old self and give her a stern talking to about why she should take advantage of her nap-times? I know I do!

Not only is sleep amazing and the best part of the day (you know it is), the quality of your sleep can also impact your life in more ways than you realize. That’s why we make an effort to get our seven to eight hours a night.

However, that might not be doing enough for you. If you wake up groggy and remain tired throughout the day, even after getting more than enough sleep, it could be because of a deeper issue. Nobody likes to be tired all the time. It can make your life a living hell if your energy is zapped all day long. For that reason, you’ll want to figure out why you’re always tired and it won't always have to do with how much sleep you're getting. Here are a few things that could be making you drowsy all day long without you even realizing it.

1. You Have a Sleep Disorder

tired all the time

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This might be one of the main reasons for you being always tired. Truthfully, there are more people out there will sleep disorders than they realize. If you’ve been suffering from exhaustion even though you get full nights of sleep regularly, it might be time to see a healthcare professional who can help you. They might make you do an overnight sleep study but that’s better than never knowing why you just can’t feel awake.