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Tinder Wants To Help You Make Sure Your Next Swipe Is STD-Free

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Tinder Wants To Help You Make Sure Your Next Swipe Is STD Free tinder std billboard 640x360 jpeg

Let’s be honest: if you were snowed in and single this weekend, you were on Tinder. Or Bumble. Or Happen. Or whatever it is the kids are swiping on these days.

In the past, Tinder has gotten a pretty bad reputation for being a “hookup app.” And we’re not going to lecture you about safe sex (because you should definitely be practicing safe sex). But we are going to tell you about a cool new feature on Tinder.

Basically, the app has added a health safety section to its website and app, which includes a link to software that will find the STD testing clinic that is closest to you. Info about other common sex-ed topics is also available.

Why now?

Apparently, the AIDS Health Foundation put up billboards that kinda alluded the dating app led to STDs. While I’m STDs have been exchange between Tinder users, I wouldn’t necessarily blame the app.

Either way, Tinder is  throwing some responsibility in our face. And we should probably accept it.