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Is “Thuttocks” A New Word, Or Am I Just Not Up On The Body Parts I’m Supposed To Hate?

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Somewhere, an unsightly set of thuttocks is lurking in those yoga pants.

There are so many good reasons to do yoga, including that it could help you lose weight and feel good about your body. But one that had never crossed my mind is that it could help me get rid of my “thuttocks.” Probably because I didn't even know what “thuttocks” were until I read a recent post on Bethenny Frankel‘s lifestyle site, bethenny.

I won't pretend that I'm shocked to find body negative talk associated with the queen of Skinnygirl cancer drinks cocktail mixes, but come on, this is pretty bad:

You look at your ass in the mirror, and while things are shaping up nicely, you take one glance down south and are startled to discover a love handle on the back of your leg. Fan-freakin'-tastic. Meet your thuttocks! Evil gravity has shown its face on the area beneath your butt — think of it as cankles on your thighs.

Is it really necessary to coin a new term for a “problem area” that isn't even really a problem area?

Even yoga instructor Kristin McGee wasn't totally on board with the premise of the article (which, if you haven't scoped it yet, is literally titled “Tone Those Thuttocks: 3 Yoga Moves”). When asked for tips on using yoga to obliterate “thuttocks,” she issued a disclaimer:

As women, we are genetically predisposed to carry fat in our hips, thighs and waist. So first and foremost, celebrate your womanly curves!

That's probably the only part of the article you should read; get your yoga tips somewhere that doesn't come with a whole new vocabulary for body hate.

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