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Thrifty Mommy turns 1

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Thrifty Mommy

Thrifty Mommy turns 1! We are so excited. I have learned so much in the last year about life, blogging, and surfing the net. The blogosphere has just exploded in the last few years and I am so glad to be apart of it. I am also glad to be working for b5. It is a great network and they are very supportive. Not to mention that they have kept me around this long HAHA!

I thought I would let you know some of the highlights from the last year that have excited me for Thrifty Mommy.

The first post was Glad to see you on January 13.

Our most popular post was Kevin Federline returns thrifty lifestyle.

My favorite post was Robyn Tippins interviewed for the Wall Street Journal. I just love her blogging.

My girlfriend Karen joined Thrifty mommy on September 13th.

We went from 151 unique visitors in January to a high of 7869 unique visitors in November. Thank you for supporting us.

Hits broke 150k in November as well and we were jumping up and down.

December saw us almost hit the 50k page views. Come on, we can beat that in January!

I just wanted to thank all of you for making Thrifty Mommy such a success for me this past year. I couldn’t have done it without you. Please keep coming back as Karen and I have so much we want to share with you this year.