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Thrifty Brits Save £6.9 Billion Each Year

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Brits are becoming thrifty compared to a few years ago.  They were able to  save themselves a whopping £6.9 billion a year by taking advantage of promotional giveaways, according to a survey.

From free bikinis and flip-flops given away with magazines to coupons for free coffees and cinema tickets, our love of a good freebie saves each of us an average £150 a year, the research claims.

I guess in the old days, being thrifty means being cheap, but as time goes by, there were different levels of being thrifty.

There's the extreme thrifty where you refuse to spend on anything but basic necessity and is able to live on anything substandard.   Then there's the thrifty because you can't afford to pay.  Then there's the general thrifty crowd who choose to spend wisely.  I think the better term for the 3rd one is “wise consumers”.

Here are the top 10 freebies based on the thrifty brit survey

Free text messages (28 per cent)
Free mobile phone calls (27 per cent)
Metro (25 per cent)
Free CDs/DVDs with newspapers (25 per cent)
Interest-free credit cards (21 per cent)
Free music downloads (15 per cent)
Free broadband (nine per cent)
Free coffee (eight per cent)
Free nightclubs (five per cent)
Free jewellery/ accessories with magazines (four per cent)

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