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This Year, I’m Turning 30—And I Resolve To Finally Quit Smoking

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That's right: I'm making one of the most generic New Year's resolutions you can make, right up there with ‘save money' or ‘exercise more.' In 2012, I'm vowing to finally quit smoking—a habit I've had off-and-on (mostly on) since I was 18. And I'm counting on your help and advice, Blisstree readers.

Obviously, the overarching reason, the meta-reason I'm quitting smoking, is ‘for my health.' Smoking kills you; duh. Or at least causes all sorts of nasty health problems. Thus far, though, the prospect of death or cancer or whatever else has seemed too far removed to matter. And I love(d) smoking, truly. The cigarettes themselves, the pause in the day they gave me for thinking, the camaraderie with other smokers—all the things people who love smoking love. All the things that make it so hard to quit.

But I'll be turning 30 later this year, and that—plus the nagging realization that this would mark my 12th year as a smoker—make it harder to push the health risks out of my mind. I mean, everyone smokes in their 20s, right? But if you're still smoking in your 30s, you're, like, way hardcore. And not in the cool, bicep-tattoo way but in the very-well-could-wind-up-with-an-oxygen-tank kind of way.

Or wind up with mega-wrinkles. Smoking is bad for your skin (and teeth), and I'm vain enough that at this point in my life, wrinkles scare me more than just about anything else. Heart disease still seems kinda distant and unlikely, but OMG is that a frown line? Pass me the retinol cream and the Nicorette!

Except, actually, I'm not going with nicotine gum. I'm not going with a patch, or e-cigarettes, or anything to help me quit at the moment. I have made no preparations; no, I'm just sitting here naively thinking I can quit ‘cold turkey,' with just my own willpower and the support of my boyfriend, who's been egging me on to quit. If the going gets rough, I might see about getting on Wellbutrin (but not Chantix; that stuff is scary). I took Wellbutrin the one previous time I tried to quit, and it seemed to help. Unfortunately, that time, I was so amazed with myself for cutting back from a pack to about 4 cigarettes per day that I gave up there; I mean, four is practically zero, right? Uh ….

Anyway, part of my strategy is to blog here about giving up cigarettes. Like Briana noted last week, sharing resolutions with others can help you stick to them. I'm hoping blogging about quitting smoking will not only help me stick to it, but provide me with some support/advice from others who've quit. Did you do it straight-up, or did you cut back gradually? Did you rely on any sort of nicotine gum or patches or anti-smoking apps? Could any of those quit-smoking hotlines or free counseling groups they offer really help? Are they any other motivational tricks I should know about it? Give me your best quit-smoking advice in the comments, please—or let me know if you, too, made a quit smoking in 2012 resolution. Let's (grumble, grumble) get through this horrible process together!