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This Woman Gives A Massage That Bites (Literally)

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Every massage therapist has her own methods, but Well+Good NYC found one who bites—literally.

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Dr. Dot, a big-deal massage therapist to big-deal rock stars, began my massage by biting me.

At most spas, it would be grounds for dismissal. But that’s how Dr. Dot kicks off most of her otherwise regulation (and generally excellent) deep-tissue treatments.

Almost 30 years ago, the passionate music fan hit upon bodywork as a way to meet rockers without doffing her pants and now markets herself as the “rock ’n’ roll masseuse.” And she’s as colorful as her clients.

Dorothy Stein—dubbed Dr. Dot by Frank Zappa—gave her first backstage massages to Def Leppard when she was 15, traded rubdowns for concert tickets from 1983 to 1994 (and sometimes still does), and saw more than 3,000 shows for free.

The “Bite Method” became part of her persona as the leading light of “backstage massage.” And, if you were wondering, it actually felt kind of nice—a sort of wet pinching sensation along my spine—once I got my head around the boundary issue. She played nice by asking me first and didn’t leave any bite marks.

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