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Relationships: Opposites Don’t Attract!

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In love at least. We’re pretty sure it’s still true for magnets.

No one is sure how “opposites attract” became a dating truism, but the idea of partners with stark differences complementing each other is a total myth, according to the Association of Psychological Science. Research shows that people are drawn to folks who are like them, and actually tend to dislike those who are different or hold differing opinions. Beyond just the initial attraction, similarities are a reliable indicator of a successful and happy marriage. But you can’t be exactly like your mate in every single way, and there are some traits that more directly correlate to stable relationships. Matching levels of conscientiousness seem to be particularly important, meaning that you should look for a partner who is just as messy or organized as you are.

Going forward, we’re not sure what this myth-busting research is going to mean for the plots of romantic comedies. Perhaps a remake of Grease where Sandy and Danny bond over their shared closet organization skills?

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Full disclosure: A Blisstree staffer is related to an APS employee.