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This Instagram Proves We’re All Adele At The Gym

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Adele Gym Photo

Oh, Adele, let us count the ways in which we love you.

Working out is hard. And seeing the results from said workout takes a lot of patience — not to mention the willpower you need to embody to not ruin your calorie burn by refueling with chips, cheese and ice cream (and wine).

And honestly, I'm kind of sick of various Victoria's Secret models claiming they just “Hike with their dog, LOL” or are, “IDK, I'm just, like, naturally thin,” and look the way they do. No freakin' way — they most likely slave away for hours and hours and hours at the gym.

That's why I'm stoked at this Instagram, posted by Adele on Wednesday evening. The Grammy winner shared a photo from the gym, which she's been frequenting for her upcoming world tour. The photo shows her mid-workout, using a TRX-like pulley system and, well, crying. Or scream-crying. Or wailing?

She captioned the photo, getting ready…”. 

The moral of the story is, all of us are Adele suffering at the gym in this Instagram. Thankfully, not all of us have to go on a world tour where our bodies will be up for public scrutiny.

Thanks for identifying with us, Adele. Yes, we hear you.

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