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Thirteen Things To Put In Your Tweens Easter Basket

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Thursday Thirteen

Are you ready for Easter Sunday? Me? I have purchased everything the Easter Bunny needs to put together three baskets and fill eggs for the egg hunt, but that is as far as I have got. For my Thursday Thirteen post, here are some things you may find in my kids Easter baskets (no, they aren't all getting all 13 – I have a boy and two girls).

  1. Classic Chocolate Easter Bunny
  2. Jellybeans
  3. Robin's Eggs
  4. Peeps
  5. Fun hair accessories and some lip gloss for the girls
  6. Flip flops for each of them
  7. Cute spring t-shirt
  8. Paper airplane making kit for my son
  9. Handheld game (inexpensive – from FiveBelow)
  10. Squishy microbead pillow
  11. iTunes Gift Card
  12. Ice Cream Gift Card
  13. Gift Card to go to the movies on Spring Break

How old are your kids and do they still get Easter Baskets?  What goes in them?