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13 Things To Do On A Snow Day

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It’s the second day off in a row for our kids thanks to the snow and ice. Oh my! So I am sharing some of my sanity savers as part of Thursday Thirteen this week.

1. Make snowmen and snow angels (check out these cool ones made of birdseed).

2. Play Powder-Puff Football and other games in the snow.

3. Be an entrepreneur! Teens and tweens can earn a few bucks shoveling drive ways and walks.

4. Play snow games online, like target hockey and snowmobile racing.

5. Get creative in the kitchen – have some clean snow around? Make Snow Cream.

6. Put on those boots, get outside and take a walk around your neighborhood.

7. Not enough snow outside – make your own virtual snowman at Ben & Jerry’s.

8. Get everyone involved in a board game like Scrabble or Scene It Disney Family Trivia Game

9. Gather up some favorite movies, pop some popcorn, get out the nail polish and have a movie and spa day.

10. Give your favorite pet a spa day.

11. Dig out all those pictures you’ve taken over the past few months and do some scrapbooking (try Totally Teen Scrapbook Pages: Scrapbooking the Almost Grown-Up Years).

12. Or pull out your kids baby books and even your own and spend the afternoon looking at pictures and sharing stories.

13. Still need more ideas? Check out this list of creative family activities from Michelle at Scribbit.

Have you got any more ideas? Feel free to share in the comments section, below.