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10 Reason Why You’re Thinner In The Summertime

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Are you a chubby hibernating bear in winter, but a svelte beach bunny in the summer? You are not alone; a survey of 2,000 women suggests that seasonal weight fluctuations are pretty normal. The survey was funded by an “alcohol-free wine alternative”called Sorelle. I don’t have the faintest idea what an alcohol-free wine alternative is. Grape juice maybe?

Anyway, four in ten women admitted to being yo-yo dieters–the typical yo-yo trajectory swinging about 22.4 lbs from highest to lowest. Only 7 percent of those surveyed claim to maintain a steady body weight year-round. Seasonally, the participants averaged about 7.4 lbs heavier in wintertime than in summertime with three quarters reporting that January is their fattest month.

It seems pretty obvious why people would be heavier during cold months. In the winter you eat to stay warm, stay swaddled in layers of figure-obscuring fabric, and perhaps feast voluptuously with holiday cheer. In the summer, you’re confronted with heat-swollen body parts and magazines urging anyone without a “beach body” to hide themselves.

The virgin-wine survey also asked what women’s biggest weight worries were–what prompts a weight loss or health kick. Some of the reasons are less depressing than others…

Here are the top 10 triggers for Summer Weight Loss:

  • 1.    Outgrowing or not fitting into a favourite outfit
  • 2.    Seeing old pictures of yourself
  • 3.    Bits wobbling when you run/walk
  • 4.    Seeing photos of yourself on Facebook
  • 5.    Seeing a friend who is in great shape
  • 6.    A friend losing lots of weight/being really healthy
  • 7.    Something a partner says
  • 8.    Something a friend says
  • 9.    Skinnier friends complaining they feel fat
  • 10.    Someone buys you clothes that are too small

Do these ring true for you?

Story via Daily Mail//Image via Shutterstock