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Interested In Motherhood? Things To Know About Freezing Your Eggs

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I feel a little bit stupid for clicking an article titled “5 questions on egg freezing,” only to find it was about fertility instead of food safety. However, with Mother's Day upon us, it's actually a perfectly appropriate time to round up some facts about freezing your eggs for possible baby-making use later.

First of all, don't worry that you'd be “wasting” your eggs if you choose to freeze some. While it's true that a woman is born with all the eggs she'll ever have, many eggs (10-20) are actually prepared by your body for release each cycle naturally. Only one egg ultimately gets ovulated, and the rest just die off anyways. So you're already burning through eggs during each cycle, and they're not being collected, they're just gone forever.

The best time to freeze your eggs is during your 20s and 30s. Basically, that means RIGHT NOW, for many of our Blisstree readers. It can be scary to make yourself think about fertility options sooner rather than later, and it may bring up related fears about finding a partner, advancing in your career, etc. But if you already know that you really want to become a mother, some planning and hassle now could save you a bunch heartbreak later.

Finally, realize that you can safely plan for frozen eggs to buy you another 5-9 years of time. Although it's likely that frozen eggs can be used for longer after they've been harvested, the technology is too new to know for sure. Also, if you want to carry the baby yourself, that will become more difficult as you get older too, because fertility involves more factors at play than just the eggs.

Although health insurance usually won't cover freezing your eggs, as it's considered an “elective” procedure, the ~$10,000-$15,000 it'll cost you would be well worth it in the case that you do choose to use the eggs later. The harvesting procedure is not very invasive or time-consuming, and freezing your eggs could buy you years of peace of mind and even extra time to find Mr. Right instead of settling so you can hurry up and have a baby. Give it some serious thought.

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