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Dating App Says These Are The Best Names For Love

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People have been known to lie about their age or profession on online dating apps. But now, it might just be worthwhile to lie about your age.

According to not science, women named Brianna, Erika or Lexi have an unfair advantage above the rest of us fishes in the sea. The Grade, a dating app that claims to be the “creep-free” version of Tinder, found women with the aforementioned names receive the most swipes.

What names get swiped for dudes? Brett, Tyler and Corey, apparently. While The Grade didn’t mention the least-swiped names, they did list the names that match up most often. So if your name is Molly, you should be searching for your Christopher. And if your name is Sarah, perhaps you should be looking out for any name tags displaying the name, “Rob.”

Other name matchups include Jenna and Joseph, Brianna and Sean, and Erika and Joe.

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