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Themed Wedding: Lord of The Rings

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I love themed weddings and I especially love it when couples go that extra mile to make it as close to the actual thing as possible. A perfect example is the Lord of The Rings wedding held in the Philippines two years ago:



The Couple


Under a blanket of trees


LOTR Wedding




Cake Plate


Ring and coin bearers aka Frodo and Sam. Cute!


The Bridesmaids


The Groomsmen

Lorie & Nathan: The Wedding
One Ring to Show Our Love
One Ring to Bind Us
One Ring to Seal our Love
And Forever to Entwine Us. 

It is quite obvious the amount of effor the couple went through to achieve their dream wedding theme from the invites, the outfits of the entourage (and even the wedding planners!) down to the decors and accessories. It's awesome!

Photos were taken by a talented friend and photographer, Auey Santos. Go Auey!

More photos HERE.