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The Thrifty Smart Cookies

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Smart Cookies

Five young and thrifty Vancouver women were chosen to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show for their money saving habits.

After seeing Oprah's Debt Diet show, Katie Dunsworth decided it was time for her and her friends to stop spending, start saving, and get richer. The show motivated Katie and four of her friends to start a money group and get smart about their spending, saving and investing.

These four women call themselves the Smart Cookies.  They meet weekly to confess their debt, make plans to pay it off, and start investing.  Their group serves as a way for them to hold one another accountable.  

The Smart Cookies are successful because they rely on one another.  They talk to each other on their cell phones.  When they are tempted to buy something, they call another person from the group.

Some of the things the women have done to save money are cut off the cable, get rid of their car, share clothes with one another, share magazines, and live on a budget.  One of the women sold her car and now takes a bus.  She saves over $700 a month in parking tickets, gas, and car insurance. 

For more information about the Smart Cookies, visit Oprah.com.