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The Thanksgiving Gender Divide: Women Cook, Men Watch Football?

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I’m hopeful that when my cousins and I do eventually run family gatherings, we’ll work out ways for everyone to contribute but not feel burdened—for the men or women who like to cook to do so; for the men and women who don’t cook to pitch in other ways; and, most importantly, to make this holiday one where men and women all get to enjoy one another’s company—and football, and food.

What’s your take on all of this? Tell us your gender + Thanksgiving tale in the comments. Here are a few from my facebook commenters to get us started:

“In my family, the women do the cooking and the cleanup. They’re pretty old fashioned! I guess I’m ok with it because it’s what I’m used to …” —Jenna H., 33

“Now we all cook and (mostly) all clean up, since we’re at my uncle’s place. In the past, when my mom hosted, she would do most of the cooking, but it was understood that the men would do all the dishes.”—Erin C., 32

“Traditionally, in my family, the women cook and do most of the clean up—men tend to bring their plates from the table and that’s it. The exception is my husband—he definitely helps out in the kitchen, especially with cooking. Growing up I thought it was lame that just because football’s on, the guys get out of helping. The older my parents get though, the more my dad helps clean up!” —Rita H.

“Women cook and men clean up. It’s so much work, it’s very important to us to split it evenly. My parents have the rule every day that whoever cooks, the other one cleans up.” — Rachel R., 30

“My Mom, aunts, sisters and I do the bulk of the cooking. My uncle makes a casserole, my dad makes a salad, carves the turkey and pickups last minute items. Everyone helps clean.” —Courtney K., 27

“I go to my in-laws and it’s pretty much only Grandma who does all the work. Us women folk help clean up then men don’t even raise a finger. I don’t think it’s fair! It’s the same way at Christmas, my Grandmother in law gets up and makes bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, biscuits and eggs to order on Christmas morning.” —Bonnie S., 37

“The women do it all. Ok, the guys help clean a little bit, but mostly watch the TV.” —Kylee F., 28

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