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The Sun And The Shade

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In San Diego, you will find a structure that is all about the sun and the shade. I know it sounds quite contrasting but hear this out.

Have you heard of the Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve? Well, this park has recreational vehicles there. And where there is shade right on top where these RVs are stored. That is the shade part. The sun part comes next. See, right on top of that shade, the officials of the park had decided to go solar and so they mounted a solar power system. That happened last year.

And so now, the officials are quite happy with how much they are saving. Well, I sure would if I were saving much power. I’m sure you would too.

Anyhow, Tom Philp, Borrego Solar Systems’s senior energy consultant, says, “It provides insurance against rising rates and helps reduce the cost of energy.”

I say it’s a blessing. And I’m sure they think of it the same way.

Source: SignOnSanDiego.com