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The Starbucks Diet? Woman Claims She Lost 85 Pounds By Eating There

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Sure, Starbucks is known for its high-calorie, high-fat mochas and pastries, but according to one woman, one of America's favorite coffee chains is the ultimate place to lose weight. In fact, Christine Hall claims to have lost 85 pounds by following a Starbucks diet. Is this too good–and tasty–to be true?

The 66-year-old from Alexandria, Virginia told MSNBC that Starbucks has been her go-to restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two years because they offer “really healthy choices.” By counting calories which are displayed on all Starbucks packaged foods, Hall has found “a system that works”. That system has helped her lose nearly 85 pounds.

Here is what is on Hall's Starbucks diet:

Breakfast: oatmeal and a black coffee (145 calories)

Lunch: a “bistro box” which includes a snack pack of cheeses, breads and fruit, or a panini (220-460 calories)

Dinner: same as lunch

Dessert: “If I go on a bike ride, I can come back and have a brownie!” Hall explained.

Hall explained how her new, slimmer body is working for her:

Nothing hurts any more. I used to attribute some of my aches and pains to aging. I have no medical issues whatsoever. I just feel like a kid again.

But, of course, not everyone agrees that the Starbucks diet is a good idea. Dietician Rebecca Scritchfield explained to MSNBC that it could end up backfiring:

What we know about diets is that they don't work in the long term. When you follow something that eliminates entire food groups and limits you to one particular restaurant, it's very difficult to be healthy and meet all of your nutrition needs.

While eating at one particular restaurant to lose weight is nothing new (who can forget Jared Fogle, “the Subway Guy” who claimed he lost 235 pounds by eating at the sandwich chain?), Scritchfield is right. It's much healthier to get your food from a variety of sources. Not to mention the expense of eating out every meal of every day.

Tell us, would you ever try a “diet” like this?

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