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The Rowing Revolution: Will Indoor Rowing Take Off As A Group Fitness Concept?

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indoor rowingDoes rowing make you think of burly Ivy League dudes in boats? This year, three new businesses will try to change that, by pairing the workout intensity and efficiency of the erg (the indoor rowing machine) with the fun, high-energy feel of group fitness.

Until now, rowing has largely been ignored (or unsuccessful) in group fitness, with just a few exceptions. Equinox introduced a rowing-based circuit training class, Shockwave, last year, and Indoorance has been using the machines for partner-based workouts that simulate rowing on water. The erg’s use in CrossFit, which has been skyrocketing in popularity, may have newly turned people on to the possibilities of the machine.

“I just think it’s such an effective workout, and the rowing machine is so underrated,” says Ryan Wilke, the co-founder of Throwback Fitness (and a CrossFit enthusiast). The machine’s power is no joke—it works your legs, arms, and back muscles and delivers a level of cardio that’s hard to sustain for more than a few minutes.

But will it finally take off as a group fitness concept? We introduce you to the three major players in the city’s new indoor rowing regatta. Read more at Well + Good NYC. >>

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