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The Recession Hit Women The Hardest — But We’re Still Going Green

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Yesterday, the White House released the report “Jobs and Economic Security for America’s Women,” which explained how women have felt the most dramatic effects of the recession. Since December 2007, women have lost 2.6 million jobs, yet have also become more responsible for bringing home the bacon — four out of ten women are the primary earners for their households. And for women whose salary is the only source of income in the household? The unemployment rate is 13.6%, the highest in 25 years.

Damn. It’s not looking good. But along with this dismal report, the White House is examining new and existing policies that could give women a hand, including the Small Business Administration Recovery Act Loans and the HIRE Act jobs bill, which promotes job creation in the private sector.

What strikes us about these figures is that even though women are suffering the most financially, they’re still more concerned with environmental issues than men. According to a USA Today post from January, women are more likely than men to recycle, bring reusable bags to the supermarket, and reduce home energy usage. And, as we all know, even though “going green” may save us money in the long run, sometimes getting there requires an investment.

Aren’t we women something? When the going gets tough, we still have it in us to feel guilty about environmental issues.

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