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The Real Meaning Of Patience

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The Real Meaning of Patience alloy default image jpgI thought that I had learned how to be patient when I learned to be a parent to AJ. I was wrong.

This little guy has me so desperate to get on a plane that if I could pound down the doors to the US Embassy I would.

Since Thursday morning we have been anxiously awaiting an email from the Embassy (and anxiously is not even a good word). I have been watching over a sick child since Tuesday and the holiday festivities are looming.

Honestly? I won’t be happy without my entire family together on Christmas day but that sounds so selfish. If we are together then his foster family will be missing a child they have known for an entire year. I know they love him just as much as we do.

They say patience is a virtue. Right now I am trying to dig deep to find any honor left because I feel so depleted.