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The Positive Side of Nursing Homes for Alzheimer’s Patients

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In my Alzheimer's Word of the Week post last week, I wrote about nursing homes and mentioned some people didn't like to mention the word.  Alicia, blogger at Mental Health Notes, wrote a very enlightening comment, which I think gives insight into the varying reactions to this term.

The term “nursing home” always strikes different emotions from different people, doesn't it? I think it's due to a variety of reasons (the poor reputations some nursing homes have, the idea that putting your loved ones in a nursing home is neglectful and selfish, the sad fact that some people actually do “dump” their loved ones in nursing homes and fail to visit them, etc.). It's sad that, because of these things, those of us who've solicited the help of experienced, round-the-clock care are frowned upon by some people. When really, nursing homes are the only responsible options many people have.

The media, in their reports, often focus on the neagative aspects of nursing homes and mention those that may not measure up.  Many nursing homes do a great job, as I found with Mother and Auntie.  These ladies were well cared for in their respective nursing homes, a fact that  gave me peace of mind when I could no longer care for them adequately.  Then when I visited Mother and Auntie, I could relax and enjoy them, bringing them joy, too, I hope.

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