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The Making of a Twilight Birthday Party

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It's my only daughter's birthday next month. My baby is turning 12. Because I am such a good mother (NOT!), I haven't really prepared anything for her party which is due to occur in a couple of weeks' time! So yesterday morning was spent purchasing things online.

I knew our daughter wanted something Twilight-y as she is currently obsessed with all things Twilight so it is no suprise that she'd have a Twilight themed birthday party.

So, how is the Twilight-themed birthday party going?

Format – as we have done the last couple of years, our daughter is having another sleepover with 4 of her friends. We'll ask them to bring their sleeping bags and favorite pillow.

Invite – we are sending a Twilight invitation out to her friends. My good friend who happens to be a good graphic designer (woohoo!) is making the invites. My friend is superimposing our daughter's photo on Bella's face. I will blog about the invite as soon as I get it.

Set-Up – on the day of her sleepover, we are ‘housing' the girls in our living room. We plan to black out the entire room with black sheets and hang fairy lights and turn off all the lights to create an illusion of a dark, eerie night. We will also be playing Twilight's official soundtrack at the party, of course!

Food – We will be serving our daughter's favorite food and that includes fried chicken, chips, lollies and pizza! LOL…our ‘servers' will be wearing fangs and black capes to complete the vampire ensemble. I was thinking perhaps we can drizzle catsup on the fried chicken and chips for the ‘blood' effect?

Cake – I bought an edible Twilight cake topper off eBay that I plan to use on our homemade cake!

Activities – They girls will be watching the Twilight DVD of course! We plan to have a couple of games to keep them entertained. We are thinking of having a Twilight Trivia game. Not sure what the other game would be! Perhaps pass the parcel or ‘How well do you know the birthday girl?'

Prizes – I bought a Twilight tote bag off eBay for one of the prizes. Not sure yet what other prize we'd give away. Any suggestions?

Loot Bags – I bought the Twilight official merchandise off eBay like the Lamb and Lion Keyrings and doorknob thingies. I also plan to include the Twilight DVDs on each of the girls' loot bags.

What about our daughter's birthday presents you ask? That's for me to reveal in the next few days! Watch this space 🙂