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Stop Freaking Out About Those Magical Last 10 Pounds

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Stop Freaking Out About Those Magical Last 10 Pounds 5208065485 a958383e3f jpgMost women I know are never satisfied with their bodies, particularly their weight. Even if they are thin, they aren’t thin enough. The desire to drop 10 pounds in order to achieve some sort of hot body Nirvana is beyond pervasive. That number feels like magic. Ten pounds: large enough to make a difference, but small enough to not seem like a drastic and out-of-reach goal.

Abby Rodman, a psychotherapist who blogs for The Huffington Post, published a piece today called “How I Learned to Stop Worrying About the Last Ten Pounds” prompted by the realization that her friend’s octogenarian mother is still concerned about losing her own “last 10.” In an effort to live her life more fully and stop hating the minutiae of her body, “on behalf of my future 80-year-old self,” Rodman plans to “try to shut off the broken record” that plays in her head and wastes her time.

Here are some of her most relatable quotations:

1) Is the desire to drop those last few pounds a lifelong obsession that never cries uncle? Are we women wired to use our last breaths still trying to fit into that size 6 Little Black Dress? 

We all know it’s not the way we’re wired.

2) In our sanest moments, we know that losing 10 pounds isn’t going to make our bank accounts fuller or our marriages more loving. But we’re not always sane.

“If my bank account is going to be empty and my life lonely, then I might as well be thin.” Is what I insanely think to myself.

3) We must vanquish every extra ounce because only then will we be attractive and worthy members of society.

“You can always be thinner… look better.” -Patrick Batemen

4) Perhaps you’re that rare woman imbued with so much self-esteem you’re able to block out the insanity. Maybe you don’t waste countless irreplaceable brain cells and moments worrying about cellulite. What can I say? I wish I was you. But I’m not. And neither is she or she or she or she.

Can one of these women teach me something please?

5)Will our legacy be that we never stopped worrying about those last 10? Or that we lived life fully and happily, showing the younger women in our orbits that all the worry about weight weighs a whole lot of nothing when most of life is in the rearview.

Perhaps the sentiment is a little precious, but maybe that’s because I’m immature, I just turned 24 and I want to lose about 10 pounds. I don’t want to feel like this my entire life and I’m scared I will. I’m not sure how Rodman is going to replace the negative thoughts in her head and start enjoying cheesecake without scrutinizing her own ass in the mirror after, but I hope she gets there.

Read her whole post here.

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