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The Hunt for The Perfect Wedding Shoes: Episode #1 of Wedding Fashions

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Having been through two weddings (to the same man, thanks!) — with two sets of nearly everything, including bridal gowns and bridal shoes — I know exactly what it was like to keep looking for the perfect ones. So, I'm here as part-guide and part-online window shopper for you and your choice of wedding fashion.

As a disclaimer, yes, I'd like you to know that some of my recommendations here would be through my affiliates (so I'll be earning a modest commission if you decide to buy through my links). But then, sales people do that too, right?

One important thing to note, though, is that I'm not your average sales person: If I actually don't like the look of something and wouldn't be caught dead wearing it — then I certainly won't recommend it. So, yeah… If you agree with me and you like what I recommend, GREAT. If not, then we'll keep on looking.

If anything, I just hope to give you some idea of what you like and you don't like. Ultimately, it's YOUR special day. And, you should be having fun. 🙂

Shoes Description: Beaded bridal pump. Make your grand entrance in the J. Reneé Debut. All the fine details are taken care of—each delicate bead was hand-sewn into this bridal pump's topline. A classic toebox and padded footbed ensure you'll be comfortable and elegant. Fine leather upper. 3” heel.

So, without further ado, here's The Perfect Wedding Shoes Candidate #1: It's a J. Renee Debut (White) Women's Shoes.

One thing I love about it is that it's simple. And, it will go well with practically any traditional white wedding gown.