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Workout Clothes We Want From The Gap (On Sale!!)

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Gap workout sale


Screw frills!

Though some of their wares deviate from their classic-basics niche, Gap's workout clothes are mostly an exercise in utilitarian, yet cute fitness garments. You won't find weird seams or ruffles on your Gap running tights–thank goodness. Their sales aren't bad either; whoever designs for GapFit ignores fleeting trends, so the discounted items aren't a bunch of unwearable fashion-victim pieces.

Here are the 6 items we'd buy on sale at the Gap(clockwise from top left):

Terry Ballet Pullover in Charcoal Heather, On sale for $31.99 from $39.95. You save $7.96 This sweatshirt is cute enough to wear when you're not working out. I bet it's soft. Want.

GapFit Shelf-bra Tank in Neon Violet, On sale for $20.99 from $34.95 You save $13.96. In Neon Violet, the basic racer back workout top looks like something Nicki Minaj would wear.

GapFit Running T, On sale for $18.99 from $29.95. You save $10.96. It looks like a perfect basic, but it's much more (it has a hidden pocket in the back).

gFast Cotton Foldover Capris, On sale for $27.99 from $34.95. You save $6.96. We can't get enough charcoal colored clothes.

gStride Printed Running Shorts in Aqua Tropic, On sale for $14.99 from $29.95. You save $14.96. We're usually not big on bright colors, but the gradient on these running shorts will make your butt feel like it's on vacation.

GapFit Yoga Shorts, On sale for $19.99 from $24.95. You save $4.96. More charcoal! Whenever someone wears tight shorts to yoga class, we assume they know what they're doing. You can look like that person!

Total savings: $59.46

Images via The Gap