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The Effect of Color on Alzheimer’s Patients & Caregivers

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  Since various colors may have an effect on our mood and the way we look, isn't it logical to use color with Alzheimer's patients that will make them and us, the caregivers, feel better?  Consider for awhile….what colors do you like?  What colors soothe you?  Which might cause you to feel discouraged?  Are there colors that boost your spirits?

What were the favorite colors of your Alzheimer's family member or patient? Even though they might not be aware of the colors, perhaps in some way the favorite ones still will help create a more pleasing atmosphere around them and have an effect on them.

What colors look best when you wear them?  This also helps determine how you feel.  Certain colors bring forth compliments.  Or they simply make you feel better because they really do enhance your complexion or highlight your eyes.

How about selecting colors for your patient or family member that do the same?

                             Choose clothing and make-up that enhance and help create a pleasing atmosphere and mood for you and the Alzheimer's patient.  This might not make the work load less, but with an uplifted spirit, it might not seem so difficult.