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The Dog Who Saved Christmas

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You know sometimes this job is really tough, testing out kids toys, checking out fun kids movies. Yeah, real tough. Today I got to check out The Dog Who Saved Christmas. I love Christmas movies and dogs, so I was really excited to check out this movie.

It turned out to be a really cute family movie. It's a little bit like the movie Home Alone, only the dog is the one home alone. The movie is a little silly funny at times, but kids will love it!

The Dog Who Save Crhistmas

Zeus (voiced by Mario Lopez) is a former police dog who lost his bark. He ends up at the pound, and is adopted by a family looking for a good guard dog. The family discovers Zeus can't bark, and begin to doubt their choice. When the family leaves on Christmas Eve and a pair of thieves try to break in, Zeus rediscovers his inner dog.

We definitely enjoyed the movie. It's a cute holiday movie for the kids, I'm sure we'll watch it again before Christmas gets here.

The Dog Who Saved Christmas will be available December 8th from major retailers, and is available now for pre-order at Amazon.com.

Image: Anchor Bay Entertainment