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The Case For Natural Toothpaste

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The Case For Natural Toothpaste stk68265cor 200x200 jpgHave you ever looked at the sparkling aquamarine gel on your toothbrush and, in your puffy-eyed morning haze, wondered what the hell you’re putting into your mouth? By the time we’re thinking clearly, we’re usually more worried about what kind of coffee to drink and what to do with our coffee grounds, but today’s post from GOOD’s blog, What’s Really In Your Toothpaste?, got us thinking about what’s really going into our mouths (and down the drain) twice a day, every day.

GOOD’s slideshow considers a few common toothpaste ingredients that you might want to rethink, both from a health perspective and an environmental one. The fluoride you hope keeps your cavities at bay is far from benign: many scientists think it’s unsafe to put in drinking water and in your oral care products. Then there’s the scarier prospect of ingredients like Sodium Laureth Sulfate — a.k.a. detergent. To find out more about what’s lurking in your toothpaste, check out their slideshow, here.

Would you give up your favorite tube for a natural brand? Do you already use an eco-friendly, natural toothpaste that you love? Tell us in the comments section below.