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The Body Positive: What’s The Big Deal With Breasts?

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Big breasts, little breasts, perky breasts, saggy breasts. Jugs, boobs, bazooms, ta-tas, the girls. These mounds of flesh come in many different shapes and sizes and are referred to by an endless array of nicknames. So what's the big deal with them?

Plenty, if you ask men.

According to AskMen.com, guys harbor a culturally-propelled fixation with breasts for many reasons. They say breasts are calming, reminding them of “halcyon days when our mothers protected us from all the world's evils.” They also symbolize fertility, prosperity and sexual arousal. And let's not forget society's pressure to find breasts attractive. The media, advertisements, fashion magazines and every other marketing manner, they say, encourage men's constant fascination with our feminine fruit.

Which brings us to the size. Do the dimensions of breasts really matter? Yes, according to Andre Cross from AskMen:

Men are attracted to a woman's general appearance, but unfortunately for women (especially those with mosquito bite-sized breasts), size does matter to most men. Men are aroused by the size of a woman's breasts the same way women are aroused by the size of a man's penis. Fortunately for women, this infatuation for large breasts depends on the man's current relationship status.

To single guys, he says size matters more, and they appreciate larger breasts. And even though men tend to exaggerate the importance of breasts around their friends, Cross says deep inside they really don't care that much. As long as they are given a nice pair of “reasonably sized” breasts, they are happy.

Cross goes on to, surprisingly, advise women not to get implants:

Once a woman has a guy who loves her for who she is, she has no reason to worry about her breast size, so she can forget about breast implants. If a man can't appreciate a woman for what she has to offer, believe me, he won't respect the rest of her either. A woman should never get breast implants to please a man. She'd be doing it for all the wrong reasons.

So then, why do so many women undergo the knife for breast enhancements? We can blame it on the guys, but ultimately it's the woman's decision. Women are the ones who are unhappy with their bodies and somehow (wrongly) feel they will be more desirable, sexier, more accepted and more worthy if they just had bigger boobs. This couldn't be further from the truth.

First of all, if a woman is willing to undergo a life-threatening surgery (because going under anesthesia, being cut open and suffering the potential health complications is the reality of getting breast implants), she should realize that no C- or D-cup is going to change who she is. Secondly, not only do you lose sensation in your breasts when you get implants, but you lose your natural God-given body. Most people can spot a woman who has fake boobs a mile away. And finally, do you really want a guy who is attracted to you simply because you now have a large chest?

With over 250,000 implant procedures alone last year and a 300% increase over the last 14 years, breast augmentation is one of the fastest-growing surgeries today. Aside from the fact that one in five of these women will need to have her implants removed due to ruptures or other health complications, it's an unnecessary risk that more and more women are taking for the wrong reasons.

So we ask you, ladies, what is the big deal with breasts? We say love what you have–or don't have. They're all breasts. And they're all good.

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