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The Body Positive: Photoshop Of Horrors, Malnutrition Edition

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The Body Positive  Photoshop of Horrors  Malnutrition Edition brittany spears jpgBy this point, we all know (at least intellectually) that many of the images we see in magazines and advertisements are airbrushed and photoshopped to make starlets and models look like anything but you and me (no matter how good you and me look!). But it’s hard to remember this sometimes, when you’re looking at the latest gorgeous photo shoot with Mila Kunis or Sarah Jessica Parker or some Eastern European runway model with a 14-inch waist. For that reason, we never tire of seeing the ‘before’ shots of these touched up photos. So let’s take a look at some of the waist-nipping, thigh-shaving, skin-smoothing shenanigans, found everywhere from magazines to billboards and even ads for hair dye.

Are you ready for Oprah‘s head on Ann Margaret‘s body?

[All photos via Beauty Redefined unless otherwise noted.]